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Local Authority Searches
Local Council Search (LLC1 and CON29r) or the more detailed Regulated Council Search, working hand in hand with each local authority we can provide the most efficient, accurate and cost effective Local Authority Searches.
Drainage & Water Reports
Local water company reports (CON29DW) or regulated drainage and water reports, both provide important information that is required by lenders and insurers. They are a search of the water company’s maps and records to ascertain many things such as if a property is connected to mains water, mains drainage, whether there are any public sewers located within the boundary, surface water, proposed adoption of sewers and the basis of charging.
Environmental Reports
Under Part 2A of the environmental protection Act (EPA) 1990 it is possible to inherit environmental liability for a property, even where the owner has not actually caused the original pollution. Commercial environmental reports are an essential part of property Transaction and a pre-purchase due diligence to ascertain historical land use and potential liability.
Chancel Repair & Indemnity
Chancel repair liability is the liability of the owner of land to pay for the repair of the chancel of a parish church and can apply to properties falling within a Church of England parish. The suite of reports ascertains the potential liability and Insurance against it.
Planning Reports
Local Authority Searches only relate to the actual property being searched. The range of planning reports help to ascertain nearby planning decisions and proposals which help keep a purchaser informed of any localised planning decisions that may affect a property.
Mining Reports
Past and present mining activity may cause the risk of unstable ground. There are various types of historical mining throughout Britain and it is therefore vital to know whether a property falls within an affected area. The range of reports available covers all types of mining and inform of any potential risk.
Anti-Money Laundering & Compliance
Solicitors involved in property transactions are at particular risk as many of the day-to-day transactions could potentially bring a solicitor within the ambit of the legislation. The reports available help to reduce uncertainty in identifying the legitimacy of the various parties involved in the transaction.
Land Registry
It is the duty of the land registry to keep and maintain the Land Register where more than 23 million titles (evidence of ownership) are documented. The Land Registry provides organisations and individuals with a range of documents relating to those titles as well as providing registrations of unregistered land, interests such as a mortgage, lease or right of way.
Utility Reports
Knowledge of the various assets below the surface of land is essential in every development transaction. This not only ensures due diligence but also avoids risk and ascertains the feasibility of the development. There are numerous features that can be found, such as gas and oil pipelines, electricity cables, telecommunication wires, fibre optic cables and many more. Obtaining the relevant information can reduce the risk of expensive litigation, costs and danger for any workforce.
Argll High Speed 2 (HS2) Report
British Telecommunications
British Telecoms Wayleave Enquiry
Extent of Highways
GroundSure Highspeed 2 (HS2) Report
GTC includes Envoy
Kingston Communications Enquiry
Linesearch before U dig
National Grid UK Gas Distribution
Severn Trent Water
Virgin Media
Western Power Distribution (Midlands)
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